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The ESP-WROVER-KIT V4.1 development board has dual port USB to serial converter for programming and JTAG interface for debugging. Power supply is provided by USB interface or from standard 5 mm power supply jack. Power supply selection is done with a jumper and may be put on/off with a separate switch. This board has MicroSD card slot, 3.2” SPI LCD screen and dedicated header to connect a camera. It provides RGB diode for diagnostics. Includes 32.768 kHz XTAL for internal RTC to operate it in low power modes.

This version of ESP-WROVER-KIT board has ESP-WROVER-B module installed that integrates 64-MBit PSRAM for flexible extended storage and data processing capabilities. The board can accommodate other versions of ESP modules described under WROOM, SOLO and WROVER Modules.




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